Monkey Tears Into a Huge Hornet Nest

hornets nest
Photo: Steve Knight

Monkeys are known for their intelligence relative to humans but this one may not be the smartest of the bunch.

In footage captured behind the safety of a glass window, the homeowner witnesses a monkey tear into a hornet nest.

In a video that’s almost too painful to watch, as soon as the monkey reaches its paw into the nest, the hornets begin to swarm and attack it. As the monkey tries to swat the hornets away, it’s clear the hornets are stinging or causing some pain to the monkey. But this does not stop the monkey. The relentless creatures continue to move forward and tear apart the nest.

Toward the end of the video, the hornets seem to subside but still give the monkey a bit of trouble as it tears apart their best. Finally, the monkey seems to find what it’s looking for: larvae inside the nest. After a few bites, most of the larvae seem to be gone and the monkey goes on its merry way.


Most monkeys are omnivores, eating plant-based foods, such as fruits and nuts, as well as some meat, including lizards and eggs. But these diets can change with the seasons. Apparently, this season included a nice snack of hornet larvae.

This is not the first time someone spotted a monkey brave injury for a meal. In a blog posted to a resort blog, a visitor recounts seeing a capuchin monkey pulling a similar stunt: breaking a hornet nest off of a tree and snacking on its contents.

Considering all that the monkey had to go through for that meal, we can only hope it was the best one of his life.

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