The Smallest Feline in the World: Meet the Rusty-Spotted Cat

Meet the Rusty-Spotted Cat. It’s the smallest wild cat in Asia, and possibly the world.

The rare cat looks quite similar to your average housecat. It may be the smallest cat on Earth, rivaled only by the black-footed cat of Africa, another tiny species of wild cat.

Rusty-Spotted Cat - Photo by Marle Hale
Photo by Marle Hale.

This species is only native to India and Sri Lanka, and their populations are unfortunately in decline. Less than 10,000 currently exist in the wild, with population loss due to the destruction of their prime habitat, deciduous forests. The cat has been listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List since 2016.

The rusty-spotted cat: a rare feline

See this tiny cat in action in the video below from the BBC:

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