Meet the Aye-Aye: Strange Nocturnal Primate With a Long Middle Finger

Meet the aye-aye – one of the strangest creatures on the planet!

This unusual creature is the largest nocturnal primate on Earth.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

This bizarre primate spends its entire life in trees.

While the aye-aye typically eats fruits and seeds, it also goes for insect larvae and grubs. To find this prey, it uses a technique called percussive foraging, which involves tapping on trees with its long middle finger and listening for larvae inside, then gnawing a hole through which it can stick its long finger in and pull out the prey. By the way, have you seen those fingers? They’re the stuff of nightmares!

Watch the finger in action:

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Researchers recently discovered that aye-ayes actually possess six fingers – the only primate to have this feature.

In Madagascar, aye ayes are often considered to be a bad omen, with some legends saying if one points at you, it means you’ve been marked for death. Unfortunately, this has led people to kill them on sight and this species is now considered endangered.

Watch one of these ‘demon primates’ claw its way to some grub in the video below:

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