Praying Mantis vs. “Murder Hornet”

Praying just might save us from murder hornets.

A face off between a praying mantis and a “murder hornet” was shared online recently. The incredible footage shows the mantis attacking the giant Asian hornet, eventually eating its head and brains.

While the clip above may make you think your prayers have been answered, the video below will make you think again. In the clip below, watch an Asian giant hornet devouring a praying mantis:

The so-called “murder hornet” is an Asian giant hornet, an invasive species that was first spotted in Washington state late last year. The hornets are beginning to emerge again in 2020 with spring’s rising temperatures.

The “shockingly large” hornets measure 2 inches in length and are known to invade and destroy honeybee hives, decapitating the bees and feeding the body parts to their young. They have been recorded attacking larger prey — Click here to watch one of these hornets attack a mouse.

Praying mantises have also been documented attacking relatively large creatures – such as birds (click here to watch).

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