Male Lions Attacking Another Lion Interrupted by Elephants & Hippos

Epic footage captures the moment when young nomadic male lions enter unknown territory.

Three lions were attacking another male lion, only to be interrupted by elephants and hippos. The intense encounter last for almost three hours.


Steyn Jacobsohn, owner of South Post Lodge, witnessed the epic encounter in the Mjejane Game Reserve, South Africa in July. He described the sighting to

“I started a drive with guests and got an update of 3 big male lions that were walking on the road, so I responded to them and got them on the road walking in front of our Open Safari Vehicle, they were on a mission! They disappeared quickly but we managed to relocate them at the dam where they were busy drinking, from there they were up again and running, sniffing, marking in the area so I told my guests that the lions were looking for something and that it was not food, maybe a lion in their territory.”

“I was sure that this was the best sighting we would have for the day so we continued on our way to get a coffee at the coffee shop. The next moment all hell broke loose! While having coffee, we saw 3 big male lions chasing a young male and we could tell that the situation was getting even more intense as they chased through a herd of elephants. Startled by the chaos, the elephants responded by chasing the lions as they broke through an opening and each could split into their own different directions.”

“For about 5 minutes, things were quiet, and then a big fight started between the male lions right opposite us, on the other side of the dam. The fight lasted a whole of almost 3 hours as the 3 adult males kept returning to the injured and tired young male, biting and clawing at him. The elephants and hippos attempted to chase the 3 male lions away each time they returned, almost as if they were protecting the young male from a fatal end. Unfortunately, fate was not in the young males’ favor as the adult males returned one last time, finished the job, and then left for good.”

“The young male lion was left badly injured, with a broken back and later succumbed to its injuries. He then became a meal for vultures who later joined the scene.”

“We were all excited and sad at the same time, being able to witness the strength of a lion and seeing just how fearless they are. This was a first for me, you don’t always realize to the full extent, how wild it gets out in the bushveld until something like this happens.”

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