Lone Wolf Chases a Herd of Wild Sheep in the Snowy Mountains

Photo by Martin Falbisoner

An intense video recently shared on Reddit captured the heart-pounding moment a lone wolf chased a herd of wild sheep in the snowy mountains.

The footage shows the wolf using its superior stamina to chase the sheep through deep snow, where the predator has an advantage.

Wolves are known for chasing their prey for extended distances, making it difficult for the sheep to escape. In turn, the sheep rely on their well-developed senses to detect predators and evade them.

However, when caught off guard, the sheep may panic, making it easier for the wolf to single out and kill a victim.


The sheep in the video are the Anatolian mouflon, a unique subspecies of wild sheep that is found in the mountain ranges of Turkey. These sheep are well-adapted to living in the cold and snowy highlands, where temperatures can drop to sub-zero levels.

Their thick, dense winter coat helps these sheep counteract the cold temperatures, while their ability to dig up plant tubers sustains them through the worst of the winter, when food is scarce.

Wolves are found in many regions of Turkey, including the mountainous areas where the Anatolian mouflon lives. These sheep are the favored prey of wolves in these mountains.

Full video:

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