Lone Lioness Tries to Hunt Elephant

A lone lioness attempted to take down a young elephant in some rare footage filmed on safari.

The lioness was hoping to get some food for her cubs by attacking the young elephant.

The incredible sighting was caught on camera by Samuel Chevallier, of the African Bush Camps film team Rewild, who explained why he felt mixed emotions about the rare encounter. “We were slightly relieved to see the young elephant escaping the grips of the lioness, although, witnessing the hunger of the cubs as they waited for their mother to bring home the meal – a contradiction of emotion that I had not quite felt before,” Chevallier said. “For me this experience was extremely rare, never in all my years of guiding have I ever seen such a sighting.”


While elephants and giraffes are both large and dangerous animals to reckon with, they are certainly not off-limits, especially when lions are desperate for food.

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