Listen to the Horrifying Sound of Screaming Mountain Lions

Image: Eric Kilby via Flickr

Horror movie or just a regular day in the animal kingdom? You decide after listening to the two videos below.

You’re walking through the woods and you hear a woman’s scream. You look around and don’t see anyone in sight.

Then you spot it: a mountain lion. Either way, you better run! Mountain lions can be as big as jaguars, but are not classified by many as a “big cat” because they do not have the specialized vocal capacity to make the typical loud big cat vocalizations.

Known for their screams (mountain lions are also known by some as mountain screamers) these creatures have a variety of vocalizations. While they certainly do make less noise than lions do, mountain lions are known to make low-pitched sounds such as hisses, growls, chirps and whistles, which sound very similar to domestic cats.

The spectacular video below shows a female mountain lion screaming in the woods caught on a camera trap video.

This female is most likely looking for a male to mate with.

Screaming female mountain lions are typically in heat, which takes place several times each year.

When males scream, they are more often in competition of a male and an attempt to ward off other males.

mountain lion

Mountain lions are also known to scream DURING mating.

Hear these unique sounds in the video below…


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