Lions Catch 3 Buffaloes in Stampede

Incredible footage captured in Zimbabwe shows the moment a stampede of buffaloes overtook a pride of lions. The epic moment was caught on camera by David Pinkernell while on safari in Chitake Springs in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe.

David told the story of the sighting: “Our amazing guide, Nick Murry, owner of Bushlife Safaris, put us in the perfect position to see a pride of 30 lions attack 300 very thirsty Cape Buffalo charging down to drink from the only water source available for many miles. We were standing on the edge of a cliff with no other people around, with no idea that we were going to see something extremely rare!”

“While at the waterhole, a dramatic back and forth battle occurred between the lions and buffaloes, the adults were doing their best to rescue the calves and after about 10 minutes at the waterhole the buffaloes ran back up the hillside.”

“As the buffalo ran up the hillside, the two male lions left their initial kills to chase the wounded calves. The two calves who had been rescued by the herd were once again the target and the two male lions went in for the kill this time the adult buffaloes were not able to rescue them.”

“My adrenalin was running and I got quite emotional but this is nature and it happens every day. It is just extremely rare to get footage of it.”

“My wife and I have been on 8 safaris arranged by Africa Adventure Company. On three of our trips, we visited Mana Pools. In 150 days on safari, we had never seen a lion kill. On day 3 of this safari, we saw more than 4 lion kills in less than 7 minutes! It was incredibly rare! Although, only 1 successful.”

Watch the incredible footage in the video below:

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