Lionesses vs. Hyenas: Intense Battle Caught on Camera

An intense battle between lionesses and hyenas was recently caught on camera in Tanzania.


While the footage isn’t the best quality, it still provides an intense glimpse into the chaos that erupts when lions and hyenas battle.

In a similar video below, the lionesses were enjoying a meal when the hyenas stormed onto the scene. Watch:

In another video, we see a male lion finding himself surrounded by a clan of over twenty hyenas. The amazing footage is narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough. Watch:

In encounters like these, lions have the size and strength advantage, but hyenas have the smarts. Research shows that spotted hyenas outperform chimps in collaborative problem solving tasks. They also ‘speak’ to each other in different ways. Their whooping noise, signals intent or need to other hyenas. Like: ‘hey, we need reinforcements against these lions.’ But if more lions show up, it’s a different story.

Lion hyena fights sometimes go on for days. During one, in 1999, thirty five hyenas and six lions died during a two week encounter in the Ethiopian desert. Every night the animals went for each other in a viscous frenzy, before retreating into their dens during the day, to avoid the blistering sun. It was like First World War trench warfare with teeth and claws.