Leopard Finds an Eagle Entangled With a Black Mamba [Incredible Footage]

An intense encounter between an eagle, a deadly snake, and a leopard in some incredibly intense footage recently shared online.

According to park rangers, the brown snake eagle likely attacked first, hoping to capture the black mamba. The snake then probably latched on to the eagle, and clearly managed to hold on.

Then the leopards took notice…

WARNING: Not for sensitive viewers.

The video was first shared on the Facebook page of the Nkorho Bush Lodge, based in the Sabi Sands, which is adjacent to Kruger National Park, South Africa. They wrote that the leopard and her cub escaped unharmed.

A longer video was later shared online. Watch:

In the grand theater of the wilderness, the likelihood of witnessing a black mamba tangling with a brown snake eagle, only to be interrupted by a curious leopard and her cub, is incredibly slim. The dance of predator and prey is a common spectacle, with the eagle often descending on the mamba. Yet, the tables turning with the mamba securing a hold on the eagle is a twist few would anticipate.

The entrance of the leopard and her offspring onto this dramatic stage adds another layer of intrigue. Leopards, known for their opportunistic hunting habits, often respond to disturbances in their territory and investigate potential meals. Still, the odds of this particular trio – the mamba, the eagle, and the leopard – convening in one place at the same time are extremely low.