Leopard Tries to Escape Pride of Lions [VIDEO]

Incredible footage captures the moment a male leopard found himself surrounded by a pride of lions.

The intense encounter was caught on camera by Kerry Balaam during a safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Kerry wrote about the sighting: “Just after my guests and I left Lower Sabie camp, one of the busiest camps in the Kruger Park, we found a pride of lions.”

“The lions started walking and so we were following them. Suddenly, the male lion, the pride leader, ran into the bush and chased this leopard that must have been hiding behind the rocks. Within moments, the whole pride was surrounding the leopard!”

The leopard was clearly not looking for a fight, with submissive displays such as lying down, keeping his head down, and rolling over.

Luckily for the leopard, the lions seemed to notice the leopard meant no harm, and after a short while the lions got distracted and the leopard was able to sneak away.


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