Leopard Battles Much Larger Hyena in Tug-of-War Over Impala Carcass

A leopard loses its lunch to a much larger hyena in some incredible footage captured during a safari.

The leopard can be seen fighting in vain to get back the impala carcass from the large hyena. Watch the incredible tug-of-war:

Leopards will often take their meals up into trees, where scavengers like hyenas are unable to reach. Watch the video below to see one such example, where two hyenas can be seen waiting patiently below a leopard as the big cat eats a porcupine.

To say, “We love leopards” here at Roaring Earth would be an understatement. Time and time again, we have encountered stories, images, and videos that prove leopards are among the most underrated of the big cats, and we always love to give them credit where credit is due. We have featured stories about leopards jumping down on impalas from trees, stealthily ambushing gazelles, and even attacking birds in flight.