Leopard on the Loose


An extremely shocking video of a leopard on the loose shocked the internet earlier this year. Even once leopard was caught, it ended up escaping its cage again.

The leopard had escaped and found itself in a school in India, where it proceeded to maul 6 people. After a nightmarish chase, the leopard was eventually tranqulized. It was then taken to Bannerghatta National Park for medical treatment. On Sunday it broke out of its cage.

The leopard escaped into a national park, so it is unlikely to be near humans. Officials have said there is no reason for the public to be alarmed.

“It is a myth that a leopard can turn into a man-eater. It’s a very remote exception to the rule. On this count, there is no need for worry,” Ravi Ralph, chief wildlife warden in the south Indian state of Karnataka, told BBC Hindi’s Imran Qureshi.

The leopard apparently escaped the cage when it was left open so the leopard could be fed.

“They say that it could have got out through a gap in the railing. There is a lot of incongruity in the statements made by the staff there. So, we have ordered an inquiry. We should know the details in the next two or three days,” Mr Ralph said.

Here is the full original attack. WARNING: This is video contains graphic footage of humans being mauled. Viewer discretion advised.