Kitten Rescued After 300 Miles in Car Bumper

A little kitten, lovingly named Tigger by the Royal Navy Helicopter pilot who found him, was discovered in the bumper of a car unharmed after over 300 miles of travel.

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Nick Grimmer was the pilot who found Tigger in his bumper. Grimmer is a pilot for the Royal Navy’s 814 Naval Air Squadron. Until he finds Tigger’s owner, he carries the little guy around in his helmet, where Grimmer claims is the only place Tigger feels safe enough to fall asleep.

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If they can’t find Tigger’s owners, the Royal Navy will probably adopt Tigger as their mascot, which is apparently tradition.

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Needless to say, Tigger is lucky to have been plucked from Nick Grimmer’s car bumper. What a cutie!