Killer Whales Swim with Woman [VIDEO]

Three killer whales approached and playfully swam with a swimmer off the coast of New Zealand, and it was all caught on camera in amazing aerial footage.

The pod consisted of an adult female orca, a young orca, and a calf. The cetaceans got within arm’s reach at certain points during the rare encounter.

Dylan Brayshaw, a visiting tourist, was using his drone on the beach when it happened and managed to capture it all on video.

The orcas were filmed playfully approaching the swimmer, Judie Johnson, on the east coast of New Zealand off at Hahei Beach.

Watch the amazing encounter:

Check out the full, unedited version of the video below to hear the reactions as it happened:

According to orca researchers, the woman was never in any danger. A killer whale has never bitten a human in the wild.

Orcas do, however, bite sharks. See that in the video below…

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