This Shark Egg With Intact Shark Washed Ashore [VIDEO]

A shark egg capsule with a shark embryo fully intact caught on camera after it washed ashore.

The video shows a tiny shark swimming about inside the egg.

While this is an interesting find, it was likely an unpleasant experience for the baby shark. The poor creature was writhing due to lack of oxygen, exacerbated by being held up to the sun.

The shark is likely a swell shark. These creatures get their name not because they live in the swell, but because they can swell up to twice their size when threatened.

This is what a swell shark egg looks like in the water:

Photo: vagabondvince310.

Shark eggs are colloquially known as a “mermaid’s purse”, and they are a popular beach souvenir. But if you find one in the wild, leave it alone… Don’t do as the man in the photo below.

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