Hyena Gives Leopard the Fright of Its Life

A leopard was caught off guard by a sneaky hyena in some extraordinary footage recently shared online.

The encounter was filmed in the Western Sabi Sands National Park in South Africa by 33-year-old field guide Jason Joubert.

“The leopard slowly got up, almost still in a sleepy daze, and realized with a jolt that the hyena was now almost face to face,” Joubert said. “It jolted up in defense and jumped back, snarling and growling, warning the hyena to keep a distance.”

“This was a comical scene, everyone on the vehicle had a good chuckle. After a few seconds, the hyena carried on walking off as there was no reason for him to hang around any longer, there was no potential meal to scavenge for, and so the leopard went back to grooming.”


This leopard was lucky the hyena was alone. Hyenas usually roam in packs, and one of these packs could definitely overpower a leopard, especially one on the ground with its guard down.

Watch one such encounter in the video below, in which an old leopard was attacked by a pack of vicious hyenas. [Warning: Not for the faint of heart!]