Humpback Whale Survives 4-Hour Attack by Gang of Orcas

A young humpback whale survived the fight of his life during a 4-hour attack by a gang of killer whales.

The humpback incredibly survived the onslaught, which was caught on camera by whale-watchers off the southern coast of Western Australia.

“It was with joy and relief to watch this brave Humpback swim away, with no signs of significant or life threatening injuries,” wrote Whale Watch Western Australia. “The incredible resilience, intelligence and heart of this brave Humpback will linger with us always.”


Orcas, also known as killer whales, are known to sometimes violently attack other marine animals. Attacks on humpback whales have been recorded before, such as the attack documented in this video, when a pod of orcas hunted a humpback whale calf and consumed its tongue. Click here to watch.

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