Humpback Whale Jumps Directly On Top of Kayakers


Two kayakers had the surprise of a lifetime when a massive humpback whale breached the sea and jumped right on top of their boat.

The kayak was pulled underwater, but fortunately, the two kayakers weren’t injured.

This amazing collision occurred during a morning kayak ride outside the harbor at Moss Landing in Monterey County, California. Many kayakers and rowers were out on the water to witness a large group of humpback whales aggregating near the harbor.

Whale breaches like this are a breathtaking and rare sight — but no one was prepared for this. Watch the amazing footage caught on video below:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen some amazing unexpected path-crossings between humans and breaching whales. Just check out this video from a couple years ago showing the moment when a large humpback whale literally lifts two kayakers out of the water from under them. Amazing!

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