Hummingbird Dodges a Wasp [Incredible Slow Motion Video]

Amazing slow motion footage captures the moment a hummingbird dodges a wasp on a bird feeder.

Filmed at 2873 frames per second, the whole clip is only 2/10 of a second in real time.


Life moves fast, especially for hummingbirds. With wings that beat 55 times a second and hearts that thump a staggering 1,260 times per minute, these tiny birds are the epitome of life in the fast lane. But even in their swift world, they have to dodge the occasional wasp, as captured in a jaw-dropping video filmed at an astonishing frame rate.

Check out the stunning video below for more slow-motion footage of hummingbirds in flight:

In a landscape teeming with predators, from preying mantises to other birds like woodpeckers, the hummingbird’s life is a constant tightrope walk. This footage not only captivates our imagination but serves a greater scientific purpose. As advancements in slow-motion cinematography continue, they unlock new avenues for studying survival strategies in some of Earth’s quickest creatures.

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