WATCH: Heron Uses Piece of Bread as Bait to Catch Fish

This clever heron was caught on camera using bait to fish.

Watch how it uses a piece of bread as bait:

Fishing with bait is surprisingly common for herons, with several species of the bird having been recorded using bait. Another sighting of a heron in the hunt can be seen below:

Herons aren’t strictly fish-eaters. Much like their dinosaur ancestors, they will eat anything and everything they can find and capture. No small critters are safe around them.

Learn more about how herons use bread to fish in the video below from the BBC:

This is not the first time we have witnessed animals using bait to lure prey. In one incredible example, a heron was deceived by an orca. Click here to watch how an orca used fish to bait and capture the bird.

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