This Bird Devours Rabbits and Other Cute Animals

When we see a cute bunny or a duckling, we smile and say “aww”, but when a heron sees one of these creatures, it says “dinner time”.

If you’re going for a walk or a run through your local park, there’s a very good chance you’ll come across a heron or an egret. Herons and egrets are wading birds that frequent waterways, searching for aquatic prey like fish, frogs, and snakes. But, sometimes, they take on much larger animals.

Reddit user Crom_laughs_at_you submitted a very unsettling series of photos. In these photos, a heron (most likely a grey heron) lifts up a small bunny with its long, sharp bill. Then, it lowers it into the water and drowns it before swallowing it whole.

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This isn’t an isolated incident. Here’s another sighting recently shared online:

Below, a heron eats a squirrel:

via Gfycat

Herons definitely aren’t the strict fish-eaters we think they are. Much like their dinosaur ancestors, they will eat anything and everything they can find and capture. No small critters are safe around them. Not even turtles.

Image: John Harrison

And, if turtles weren’t unthinkable enough, herons eat other birds as well, especially ducklings. Flightless and defenseless, ducklings are easy prey, and they are a special treat for herons. Watch this heron capture an abandoned duckling and eat it in the video below. It’s rather horrifying, and it will really change your perspective on these seemingly innocent birds.


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