Massive Hammerhead Shark – World Record Size – Caught on Camera

A massive hammerhead shark bigger than the official world record was caught and released by fishermen off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida.

The shark was caught by professional golfer Greg Norman, who was fishing with Josh Jorgensen, of the YouTube channel BlacktipH. The video reveals the moment they find the monster hammerhead chasing a blacktip shark.

The huge hammerhead measured in at 175 inches (14ft and 7 inches), more than four inches longer than the International Game Fish Association world record. (The mark is unofficial because Norman and Jorgensen did not bring the catch to shore.)

Norman estimated that the giant creature weighed in excess of 1,200 pounds.

The guys even decided to jump in the water with the shark after they released it. Watch the full video below:

Hammerheads are amazing creatures. Take a look at their bone structure via this X-ray shared on Reddit:

Click here to watch another video featuring a hammerhead shark hunting a blacktip.

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