Half-Eaten Impala Tries Escaping Cheetah [VIDEO]

Incredible safari footage captures the moment a cheetah caught an impala that slipped on the road. Shockingly, halfway through eating the impala, the impala actually tried to run away. The incredible footage didn’t end there — moments later, the cheetah must stand its ground as a flock of vultures arrive on the scene.

Watch the video below… [WARNING: Nature as it really is.]

The intense encounter was filmed by both , Rabbi Auerbach and the Kiselstein Family all filmed this sighting from two different angles, and caught up with LatestSightings.com to tell us about how each of them felt during this heart-wrenching event:

One of the photographers at the scene, Adri van den Merwe, a 26-year-old financial advisor and entrepreneur, described the sighting to LatestSightings.com: “The cheetah started eating the (then still very much alive) impala. We could see the impala still making attempts to run, midst it being eaten, when the vultures started circling above and then slowly one by one made their way down to the ground, gathering together and then approached the kill as one.”

“The cheetah was aware of the vultures and seemed to try and take fast bites as if it knew that it wouldn’t have its meal to himself for long. The vultures moved closer and closer until they finally chased the cheetah off and started feeding on the impala. Within minutes there was almost no flesh left on the carcass!”

“I had mixed feelings about the sighting, and actually started crying when I saw the impala kicking while the Cheetah was feeding on it. Though it was sad, that’s just nature, and I had to remind myself about that for a while after the sighting. When the vultures chased the cheetah off, I felt quite bad for the poor cheetah, because it worked so hard for the kill, and just like that – it was gone! The vultures finished all the flesh off the carcass and then a hyena came and took what was left of it while the cheetah just walked off and disappeared into the bushes.”

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