Rare Video Captures Grizzly Bear Attacking Black Bear in Canada

USFWS photo Jon Nickles

In an extraordinary show of nature’s raw intensity, a grizzly bear was caught on camera mauling a black bear on a remote Canadian roadside. The haunting footage, shot last week, offers a rare and intimate window into the complex dynamics between these two apex predators in their shared habitat.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on August 30 by Susan Griffith from Dawson Creek, British Columbia. “This is definitely one of the craziest things we have seen on a drive home,” Griffith wrote, underscoring the rarity of the event.

The unsettling scene took place against the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies—a vast mountain range that lies across Alberta and British Columbia and serves as home to both black bears and grizzly bears.

The grizzly bear was seen aggressively biting various parts of the black bear’s body, seemingly attempting to drag the carcass uphill.

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What remains unclear is whether the grizzly was responsible for the black bear’s death, or merely stumbled upon an already deceased animal.

Though grizzly bears are apex predators, their diet is surprisingly eclectic. They are opportunistic feeders and prolific scavengers, consuming anything from berries and roots to large mammals—including, it appears, members of their own ursine family.

While interactions between black bears and grizzly bears are not unusual, capturing such an event on camera is exceedingly rare.

Indeed, this is not an isolated event confined to the Canadian Rockies. Similar incidents have been recorded in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as well. In one case, a male grizzly was tearing apart the roof of a bear den that held a black bear sow and her three vulnerable cubs. Watch that rare sighting in the video below.

These events underscore the harsh realities of wildlife dynamics, revealing a no-holds-barred struggle for survival that is a fundamental aspect of life in these pristine, yet unforgiving, landscapes.

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