Great White Shark Attacks Robot

The great white shark is one of the most feared predators in the ocean. For 16 million years, they have prowled the world’s oceans, and in those 16 million years, they have ascended to the top of the food chain. Only killer whales can challenge their authority.

Yet, while killer whales aren’t a threat to humans, great whites certainly can be. In a shocking video from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, great white sharks around Guadalupe Island in Mexico attack an underwater robot with attached GoPro cameras.

Sometimes, the sharks will investigate the robot to see if it’s edible. But, other times, the sharks will simply attack first and ask questions later.

Great white sharks are ambush predators, so when they attack, they attack from below.

Great White Shark Robot 3

Just as they would attack a seal or sea lion, they bite into the rear of the robot, hoping to injure or disable it.

But, of course, they only slow the robot down for a moment.

Great White Shark Robot 5

Nevertheless, even from the safety of a computer screen, these attacks are definitely frightening. You can even see the sharks’ teeth popping out as they bite into the robot’s hard, metal frame.

Great White Shark Robot 4

Watch the entire video below. There are plenty of jump scares, even if you expect them. Great white sharks truly can inspire both fear and respect.

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