Alligator Takes a Dip in Swimming Pool in Florida

A Florida woman woke up to this alligator in her swimming pool. The reptilian trespasser was over 7 feet long.

Kerri Kibbe posted the photos to Facebook, where they quickly were shared across the internet.

This is not an uncommon sight in Florida.


The Monroe County Sheriff’s office posted this photo on to their Facebook page, explaining that a Florida homeowner “was surprised this morning at 7:30 a.m. to find this crocodile in his swimming pool.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was contacted and they assisted with removing the animal and returning him to his normal habitat in the ocean.

In Florida, close-encounters with wild animals is a part of daily life. We have seen a wild shark in a swimming pool and sharks in the backyard . We’ve seen alligators invade picnics and golf-courses. You never know what wildlife might cross paths with you in Florida!

It’s just a another sunny day in Florida…

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