Watch Last Known Footage of Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

New footage of the extinct Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger, has been released by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

The rare footage is the last known images of the extinct creature, filmed in 1935, has been digitized in 4K and released.

Check out the footage of this beautiful bygone marsupial in the tweet below:

The video was part of a travelogue titled “Tasmania the Wonderland”, that was filmed in 1935, more than 12 months after the second most recent clip of the tiger was produced, in December 1933 (see that in the video below).

Check out some more rare footage of Tasmanian tigers in the video below. This is a compilation of the other known Australian films featuring the extinct tigers, shot in Hobart Zoo, Tasmania (other footage from London Zoo is not PD). Benjamin, the last known thylacine, is shown in the footage starting from 2:05. The clips are separated by fades, and shown in chronological order.


The legendary Tasmanian Tiger was once widespread throughout woodlands of Australia and New Guinea. This unique creature is thought to have gone extinct in the 20th century, the last member of its species dying in 1936 at the Hobart zoo.

The extinct creature has strikingly dog-like features despite being a marsupial, separated from canids by more than 100 million years.

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