Feeding Frenzy: Piranhas Devour the Remaining Meat on a Cattle Skull

Footage of piranhas in a feeding frenzy, furiously devouring the remaining meat on a cattle skull serves to show just how voracious these ferocious fish can be. Watch:

When they smell blood in the water, piranhas will swarm about and voraciously feed on the flesh. They can strip their food to the bone in just minutes, as Jeremy Wade demonstrates in a pool filled with piranhas in the video below. Wade actually then enters the pool of piranhas, in order to put the question to the test: will piranhas attack a live human? Watch:

As we see, while these fish are ravenous when presented with the flesh of a dead animal, they don’t usually attack living creatures. In fact, they actually seem to fear humans in the water. Learn more about these incredible predators from another video featuring Jeremy Wade below:

Click here to watch Brazilian catfish in a feeding frenzy — these fish can be just as voracious as piranhas.

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