Fearless House Cat Faces Off With Lioness

A little house cat proves that size really doesn’t matter.

In this highly amusing footage, a domesticated kitty named Baggy faces off with a large lioness. Director Derek Krahn runs a nonprofit big cat sanctuary in Texas where this interaction was caught on camera. You can read more about the rescue here.

The lioness named Noey is (luckily) completely enclosed behind a wire fence when Baggy approaches.

The showdown starts with a quick lunge then progresses to open-mouthed hissing as the two felines measure each other up.  It is clear who the victor will be to everyone except the little calico cat, who continues making advances.

The interaction progresses for some time until the owner steps up to shoo the housecat away. You hear exclamations from him throughout the entirety of the event, highlighted by, “Baggy, you WILL lose!”

This extremely entertaining clip went viral, which proves to show how fierce felines can be, no matter their size.

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