Fearless Honey Badgers Challenge Pride of Lions

badger lion

Honey Badgers have a reputation for being aggressive and equally fearless.

They are not known to submit to any creature…including the King of the Jungle. When two honey badgers approached a pride of lions, the camera crew at Lion Mountain TV knew something epic was about to take place.

The brazen honey badgers walked right into the middle of the pride, spurring the females to attack. As head game ranger Giles Kelmanson remarks, the badgers made a “fearsome rattling sound” in the face of the young lions. The four youngsters surrounded the badger, who fought back with surprising ferocity.

badger 2

This incident caused one of the older lionesses to interfere. The female immediately mauled one of the badgers in the stomach and suddenly their odds turned grim.

Honey Badgers, however, have extremely think skin. The lion’s bite was unable to sink deep enough into the badger’s hide to cause any real damage. The badger valiantly struck back at the lioness, landing a perfect bite to the nose. The female was sent reeling backwards and the badgers chose that moment to escape, abandoning their initial reckless plan.

This extremely rare interaction was brought to you by the amazing team at Lion Mountain TV. Check out their YouTube channel for more incredible footage.

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