They Performed Heart Surgery on a Tasmanian Devil

tas dev

This Tasmanian Devil spent two weeks in the veterinary hospital recovering from heart surgery. Lovingly named Nick, the devil had received a pacemaker to treat his heart condition and then released back into the Conrad Prebys Australian Outback.

Millions of humans have pacemakers that regulate the heart beat to prevent heart attack and heart failure, and apparently feisty little Tasmanian Devils are prone to the same cardiovascular disease that humans are. Have you been smoking or making other unhealthy lifestyle decisions, Nick?


Nick is only the second Tasmanian Devil to ever go through a procedure to have a pacemaker implanted, and he seems to be doing well after his surgery. Animals like Nick are famous for the wild, outrageous cartoon character we watched as kids. However, this depiction isn’t far from the truth.

Tasmanian┬áDevils were named after an evil entity for a reason. They are extremely aggressive, make harsh and guttural sounds, and resemble a baby bear. Steering clear of these ferocious beasts is a good idea. Don’t count Nick out as a strong predator either. With his new pacemaker regulating his heart beat, Nick’s adventure of teeth-baring and snarling his days away is far from over.


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