Massive Crocodile Eats a Shark During Flood

Croc vs. Shark! When apex predators cross paths…

A massive 1,500 lb Nile crocodile was seen devouring a shark in South Africa during a flood.

The incredible photos were captured by Mark Ziembicki, 46, from North Queensland, Australia, during a recent visit to South Africa.

The unusual encounter was caused by above-average rainfall in South Africa that led to flooding, which led to “an abundance of food for these predators at the mouth of river estuaries as freshwater species are washed down river into saline coastal waters,” Mark wrote in an Instagram post (below). “It also appears to provide ideal nursery and pupping sites for the bull sharks, with numerous young sharks sighted over the past weekend.”

The photos have erroneously been labeled as taken in Australia in some recent viral posts, as seen in the Reddit post shared below.

Crocodile eats a shark in North Queensland, Australia during the floods. from r/natureismetal

This is a Nile crocodile eating a a Zambezi shark pup, undoubtedly a South African sighting. However, we have seen sightings like this from Australia. Check out the photo below from a classic Australian sighting: Brutus, a massive saltwater crocodile from Australia’s Adelaide River, devouring a bull shark.

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