Crab Fights off Bald Eagle

Bald eagles came dangerously close to extinction due to pesticide use, habitat loss, and excessive hunting, but have bounced back thanks to protection under the Endangered Species Act (and delisted in 2007). There are now roughly 10,000 bald eagles residing in North America.

These raptors are famously excellent fishers, known to adeptly dive into the water and grab fish near the surface with their powerful talons, which are designed perfectly for clasping onto prey.

However, sometimes the eagle will bite off more than it can chew.

In this case, the crafty crab proved too much for this bald eagle to handle.

Score one for team crab!

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Crabs don’t have it easy. Not only do they have to be on guard for attacks from above, they also must watch out for predators popping out of the sea. Just watch the video below to see what we mean…

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