Coyote Plays Fetch with Itself


Have you ever been so alone that you did anything and everything to entertain yourself? Maybe you played a video game for eight hours straight, or maybe you played a game of chess against yourself. Whatever you’ve done to stave off the endless boredom, you’ve probably never played fetch with yourself like this lonely coyote.

Coyote plaing fetch by himself

While this coyote might seem tame, it is actually a wild one that wandered into someone’s backyard and started playing with the neighboring dog’s ball. As the coyote rolls the ball down the hill and chases it, you can tell that they are not that far removed from our domestic canine companions. Thousands of years of evolution and breeding, and at the root of it all, a dog is still a dog.

Watch the full video of the cute and curious coyote below.

It’s quite refreshing to see coyotes acting no different from beagles or Labrador retrievers. We’re so far removed from nature that, sometimes, we forget that even the wildest animals can be just as curious and playful as our own pets. However, we must also remember that coyotes and other wild canines are NOT good pets. They are wild for a reason. They have not been domesticated, and they cannot (and should not) be tamed.

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