Freediver Has Amazing Close Encounter With a 10 Foot Great Hammerhead Shark in the Florida Keys

There are thousands of videos out there displaying shark attacks and shark aggression. Just browse YouTube or flip on a Discovery Channel documentary, and you’ll see them. You really don’t have to look hard. After all, we love sharks because they’re dangerous, AND they look really cool.

Yet, for every shark attack video, there are even more instances where big, dangerous sharks can be curious and, even, gentle. To them, we humans are just as fascinating as they are. “What is this strange-looking creature with four long fins?” they probably think.

In this video, a freediver has a breathtaking close encounter with an endangered great hammerhead shark in the Florida Keys. Nervous as the shark passes once, twice, thrice, the freediver can’t help but think the shark is sizing him up.

Yet, as the strange-looking marine predator passes the third time, rather than attack, it brushes against its pectoral fin against the freediver. Then, it disappears into the blue. Neither freediver nor shark is harmed.

Encounters like this show us that sharks are animals, not monsters. In our fear of sharks and the ocean, we often forget that we are only visitors, and the sharks are our hosts. If sharks truly wanted to eat us, they would have no problem.

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