Bullfrogs Eat Everything, Including Rats, Snakes, and Each Other

Image: The Reptilarium, Flickr

Bullfrogs are ambush predators with ravenous appetites that are known to eat almost anything — including other frogs. 

The common American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) is an amphibious species that resides in large bodies of water including lakes, ponds, and marshlands. They are endemic to southern and eastern regions of the United States and Canada but can be found croaking loudly on any part of the planet.

Their most interesting characteristic is an insatiable appetite and complete lack of dietary differentiation. Bullfrogs are known to eat everything — literally.


Their palate consists of a wide range of both vertebrates and invertebrates including insects, worms, crayfish, snakes, rodents, birds, fish, snails, bats, and other frogs. Bullfrogs specifically hunt species they can physically overpower and accomplish this by lunging open-mouthed onto their unsuspecting prey.

Image: Rusty Clark, Flickr

Bullfrogs boast powerful jaws and sharp teeth on the roof of their mouths. They use their tongues to efficiently constrict animals to the point of helplessness, leaving them no option other than to succumb to their yearning stomachs. In addition to hunting on land, the creative bullfrog also enjoys drowning its warm-blooded mammalian prey.

The combined ability to jump vast distances due to special contractile muscles and the deadly constriction of their ballistic tongue makes for an undeniably formidable predator.

Bullfrogs are not above pursuing animals larger than themselves, capable of using their dynamic hands to thrust oversized prey into their mouths bit by bit.

That being said, bullfrogs do have predators of their own, including humans, herons, water snakes, river otters, alligators, and also members of their own species.

Watch this incredible video of a bullfrog eating everything in sight: