Stampeding Buffaloes Trample Lion

Two hungry lionesses attempted to hunt buffalo, and things did not go as planned.

The incredible footage shows the moment one of the lionesses getting caught in the stampede and trampled by the buffaloes in a surprising twist of fate.

Danica Roux, 28-year-old chef, captured the intense stampede during a safari in Kruger National Park in December 2020. She explained the the encounter:
“We actually had a rather quiet afternoon, sightings wise. There were plenty of impala and so many lambs. We’d been driving for about an hour before we decided to turn in at the dam on our way back to camp… We were just about to leave when we heard a bit of commotion off to the side of the herd. I saw a lioness being chased off and of course, I was quite thrilled at our luck, the first game drive of our stay and here we have a lion.”

“My excitement quickly turned to confusion and shock when I realized what was unfolding in front of my eyes. The poor lioness, this majestic predator had gotten herself stuck in the crosshairs of this enormous herd of buffalo. Their survival instincts kicked in and it was chaos, she was tossed about like she weighed nothing.”

“I grabbed my little camera and started recording as soon as possible. Her lifeless body was eventually flung at the base of the dam, left there, limp. We heard another lion calling nearby. We were all left feeling completely shocked and saddened by the events.”

“The sighting ended for us when the buffalo left her at the edge of the dam, we drove on in search of the rest of her pride, but sadly we could only hear them and never actually caught sight of them.”


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