Beachgoers Panic Over Gentle Giant Shark Near Beach [VIDEO]

A crowd of beachgoers went into a panic when a large shark was spotted swimming among people cooling off in the Red Sea recently.

Screams and shouts can be heard from people who were surprised to see the large shark. They were unaware that this shark actually posed no threat to the swimmers, as the shark was a whale shark.

Whale sharks, unlike other sharks, do not have have an appetite for flesh. Instead, they feed on plankton, which they filter through their oversized mouths while ingesting large volumes of water. When they do encounter people, they are docile and friendly, often allowing divers to swim alongside them.

The beachgoers in Eilat, Israel, clearly weren’t aware of this.

“He’s going for that woman!” a beachgoer shouts in the video.

Watch the video:

The whale shark is the largest species of fish on Earth. Click here to learn more about the plight of the whale shark.

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