Into the Cave Where Centipedes and Snakes Eat Bats

In the dark, damp reaches of caves, tremendous colonies of bats dwell. This is where they seek refuge from the harsh, bright daylight and the ravenous diurnal predators. However, even in the safety of their own subterranean empires, hanging high above the cavern’s floor, they are still vulnerable to hungry beasts.

Giant centipedes are one of these hungry beasts. With their adhesive feet, they can climb straight up cavern walls and assault colonies of unwary bats.

Centipede Eats Bat

The giant centipedes raise up their bodies into the bats’ flight path and wait for an unfortunate bat to fly past. In an instant, they can capture a bat, biting into their furry flesh and injecting them with deadly venom. Up against the centipede’s power and venom, the tiny bats don’t stand a chance.

Watch the bat-eating centipede in action in the video below.

More giant centipede footage:

But centipedes aren’t the only hungry bat-eating beasts in the caves.

In some caverns, starving snakes emerge from crevices in the cave’s ceiling and, like the giant centipedes, stretch their bodies out into the bats’ flight paths. Then, when a bat is within their reach, they strike.

Snake Eats Bat

Once the snake has captured a bat, it promptly unhinges its jaws and swallows the bat whole. Watch the snake-eating bat in the video below.

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