Bald Eagle Wards Coyote off a Deer Carcass

A recent trailcam video reveals the amazing moment that a large bald eagle thwarted a coyote’s plans to scavenge a deer carcass.

The video begins with a murder of crows feasting on a deer carcass, when suddenly a large bald eagle descends upon the scene. As the crows disperse, we see a hungry coyote slowly approach…

via Gfycat

The exciting footage reveals how the eagle intimidates the coyote by stretching out its wingspan, making the bird appear larger than it really is.

It’s unclear how the fight ended.

This footage is reminiscent of photos taken in Maine last year, in which we saw a similar face off between a coyote and a bald eagle:

And more recently, another amazing eagle-vs-coyote battle was captured and shared online. This was photographed in Pennsylvania:

For more bald eagle action, check out this video from BBC Earth:

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