If this rhino was any bigger, seeing it running full speed toward your safari car would be a terrifying experience. But in this situation, it just might make you say awwwww.

At the Wildlife Game Reserve in South Africa, you can see this baby rhino mock-charges its mother, which looks like she could not care less.

Then the rhino grows even more confident. It gets a running start and begins to run as fast as it can toward the safari car. Fortunately for the young rhino and the car, it stops just before hitting the car. It quickly runs out of any confidence it once had, and runs away toward its mother.

baby rhino

Most species of rhinos are solitary creatures, but white rhinos are more likely to travel in groups. The relationship between a mother and her calf is very important, and often the two will stay together anywhere from two to four years. At this time, the rhino often leaves and joins another female watching after her young, and from there it will go on to live all on its own.

While adult rhinos have no typical predators in the wild, other than humans, young rhinos can be prey to big cats, crocodiles, wild dogs, and hyenas.

Hopefully a baby rhino charge looks more intimating to predators than it does to us…