Assassin Bug Viciously Mauls Caterpillar

Assassin bug (Gminatus-australis) with beetle. Photo by JJ Harrison.

When we think about dramatic moments in nature, we often picture lions taking down gazelles, great white sharks ambushing sea lions, and eagles grabbing pigeons.

But we usually don’t think about the smaller critters. In the world of bugs, there is just as much drama in the leafy undergrowth as there is on the African savannas.

Of these miniature predators, assassin bugs are particularly vicious insects (as their name suggests), and we should be thankful they are not dog-sized.

When hunting, they dispatch their prey with a lethal proboscis, which they use to stab prey and inject it with digestive enzymes.

These enzymes effectively liquefy their prey’s insides, so the assassin bug can slurp them out like a milkshake…

Watch what happens when an assassin bug takes down a caterpillar.

Kiss of Death

Like a lion devouring a gazelle, the assassin bug spears the caterpillar with its proboscis and mercilessly injects its deadly saliva. Once this happens, all bets are off. The caterpillar is doomed. In the end, it will merely serve as a delicious caterpillar smoothie for the hungry assassin bug.

In the video below we see an assassin bug take out a green cloverworm caterpillar. A fatal stab and it’s all over…

It makes you wonder what it would be like if one of these were supersized…

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