Ants Capture a Worm

An army of ants was filmed carrying a worm in an incredible display of coordination.



Ants are are the ultimate collaborators, known for remarkable feats of group coordination. For example, when caught in a flood, red fire ants will link their heads and bodies together to form a raft.

Watch the video below to see another notable example, in which ants use their bodies to build a bridge to a wasp nest:

But the majority of ant species are better known for another even more shocking ability: the power to overwhelm and devour animals much bigger than themselves, as they can be seen in the video of the worm above or in the video here, where ants devour an entire gecko in under 24 hours (click here to watch).

Here’s another video of ants using teamwork to take down large prey – in this instance, a millipede!

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