Ligers? Wholphins? Grolar Bears!? Unbelievable Animal Hybrids


Zorse by Christine und David Schmitt
A Zorse (Zebra + Horse). Photo by Christine und David Schmitt.

Zebroids are a variety of zebra hybrids, and these hybrids have dozens of different names.

A zebra stallion and a horse mare will produce a zorse or zebrula; a zebra stallion and a pony mare will produce a zony; and a zebra crossed with a donkey is often called a zonkey or zedonk, among other names.

Zeedonk Photo by sannse
A Zonkey (Zebra + Donkey). Photo by sannse.

Physically, zebroids resemble their non-zebra parents, but they generally inherit the zebra’s stripes on parts of their body, whether on the head, flanks, or legs.

Mentally, zebroids are more wild in nature. Unlike the domesticated horses, ponies, and donkeys, zebras are wild animals, and they pass down their renegade temperaments and aggression.