Ligers? Wholphins? Grolar Bears!? Unbelievable Animal Hybrids

Photo: Wikipedia /
Liger. Photo by The cloudless sky.

Genetic hybrids are the result of two animals of differing species mating to form a new species. Species from different parts of the world end up crossing paths for a variety of reasons. Whether it be due to invasive species colliding with locals, habitat destruction, or being placed in captivity, new hybrid species are formed that would not have existed otherwise. In many cases, they would never have existed without humans (for better or worse).

We’ve seen many bizarre animal hybrids in popular culture. In movies, we have Sharktopus and Dinocroc, and in folklore, we have jackalopes and Jersey Devils. But peculiar animal hybrids don’t just exist in the land of make-believe. While you won’t see anything quite like a shark with tentacles or a goat with bat wings, biological hybrids can be just as fascinating as fictional hybrids.

From lions crossed with tigers to zebras crossed with donkeys, these amazing real-life animal hybrids are sure to surprise you…