Alligator Lizard Bites Snake While Being Swallowed

Fighting back from the jaws of death, this alligator lizard was nearly swallowed whole by a kingsnake — but it decided to fight back.

The brave reptile refused to accept its fate as breakfast and clung onto the California kingsnake for dear life.

Naturalist and author Bryan Snyder of Santa Barbara, California, captured the quirky images while out on an early morning stroll in Santa Ynez Valley, CA.

Bryan, 43, said: “A California kingsnake surprised an alligator lizard by grabbing its body, but before it could reorient the lizard to swallow it head-first the lizard latched onto the snake’s body.”

Social media sources helped propel these images to international fame.

According to the post of Reddit, the lizard later won the battle and escaped.

Kingsnakes often prey upon alligator lizards in the wilderness of California, but seeing a sight like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Wild!

Snake bites lizard bites snake


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