There is no experience quite like being chased by a massive full-grown alligator.

It might seem crazy, but for this man it’s just another day in sunny Florida… This is one for the #MeanwhileInFlorida file.

This Florida man was filmed walking in front of and then chased by a MASSIVE adult American Alligator. These reptiles can reach up to 15 feet in length and weigh in at over 1000 lbs!


Since 1948, 275 documented attacks on humans in Florida (about five incidents per year) have been reported, of which at least 17 resulted in death. However, these gators are usually not aggressive to humans and will prefer to retreat rather than attack.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission annually receives more than 18,000 alligator-related complaints. Most of these complaints deal with alligators occurring in places such as backyard ponds, canals, ditches and streams, but other conflicts occur in garages, pools and in golf course ponds.

In many cases, if left alone, alligators will eventually retreat to more-preferred, isolated areas away from people.

The footage in the video below was made possible with help from the awesome guys at Kamp Kenan, a wildlife sanctuary focused on the preservation of reptiles in South Florida, run by former pro BMXer Kenan Harkin. Wildlife sanctuaries like this are great solutions to the increasing number of human habitats overlapping with alligator habitats.

Watch the crazy moment when this massive alligator decided to follow this man in the video below…