5 Reasons to Love Raccoons


Raccoons are renowned mischief-makers with a knack for theft and debauchery. They even have little burglar masks permanently imprinted into their facial fur, and in North America, you’ll often see these fuzzy thieves lurking around trash cans and doggy doors. This leads to a series of mixed emotions surrounding raccoons.

On one hand, raccoons are rather cute looking mammals, and they are often affectionately referred to as “trash pandas”. On the other hand, like many wild mammals, raccoons are notorious for carrying rabies and disturbing the peace. But, setting aside those negative traits, let’s look at the reasons you should love raccoons!

1. You Might See One at a Baseball Game

Like a true American, this raccoon wanted to spend a day out at the ball game.

2. They LOVE Water!

Raccoons have an affinity for water, and this one will go to great lengths to get it.

3. They Love Washing Things in Water!

Raccoons love water because they have a tendency to “wash” or “douse” food and other items. The true reason behind this behavior is still unknown.

4. They Can Play Nice with Others

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Since raccoons are nocturnal, seeing one out during the day is usually a sign of rabies. However, while we don’t recommend allowing your pets to hang around wild raccoons, raccoons can get along quite well with other animals, including dogs and cats.

5. They Can Help Clean Your House

Obviously, this raccoon is “domesticated”, but that doesn’t negate the awesomeness of its ability to learn how to carry/use a broom in exchange for snacks!

Bonus Reason: How They Eat Grapes

Just watch: